At the Altar

Photos Captured by HollyDPhotograpy 

Wedding flowers are used to beautify the sacred spaces of worship centers, empty civic halls, historic hotels, trendy resort venues and yes—even the family backyard. Often in these places are where couples exchange wedding vows, declare their love for one another and celebrate their union before the world—the Altar. 

The Altar is a special subject for most wedding florists’ because this is where most brides, grooms and their families look back at photos to cherish the moment over and over again. As a floral designer, I believe wedding florals should be a timeless complement of color and design placements that enhance the bride's style and the selected venue.

With a clean and beautiful backdrop of rolling hills and a well-manicured grassy lawn in the foreground, let’s look at how we styled this wedding at the beautiful Eagle Vines Vineyard and Golf Club in Napa Valley. 

Our custom designed garland gracefully draped over the barrels, while the garden roses danced in the gentle afternoon breeze and sweeps down to say hello to the seated guests. 

We then bring it all together by adding a pop of red spray roses to complement the bridal bouquet and other stunning red garden roses.

The Altar is not the place to compromise on design or budget when planning a wedding. That’s because altar arrangements not only serve as a focal point for the ceremony and will be remembered for many years but they can also double as reception florals—for a huge cost saving impact.  

Above are the altar flowers repurposed at the reception for a garland laced head table. An aptitude of floral art is needed to address these components, which takes a considerable amount of thought and planning to deliver a harmonious floral installation.  Yes, it’s like walking a tight rope over a sea of waves—which we joyfully love performing.
Let us share in the joy of your ideas and celebrate in the opulence of whatever season you happen to be planning for your wedding. Don’t compromise because we won’t.  
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