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About Us

We specialize in the unique and extraordinary – and that’s how we define our signature statement “Have a VineLily Moment!”

It's Personal!

Our Business Mantra

There is no greater satisfaction than working with someone who knows your likes and dislikes, from your favorite color schemes to your emotional state of giving or unique style. These are all personal and for this reason I encourage customers to order flowers locally, if possible. I’ve heard countless tales about the disappointment of ordering flowers from the widely available internet brokers and it was this dissatisfaction that shaped the VineLily mantra – It’s personal! Our customers can be assured that we will take a personal interest in their order and be confident that our hand-crafted floral arrangements meet with the highest expectation.


We Look Forward To Serving You For Years To Come!

We are a floral design studio serving California’s Greater San Francisco Bay Area; Please Call Ahead To Stop By The Studio As We Don't Offer Walk-In Service. Our Floral Arrangements Are Highly Customized And Our Flowers Are Received From Around The World—Sometimes Imported Directly From Farming Sources To Ensure The Freshest Flowers Available. We Invite You To Experience Our Made-To-Order Floral Arrangements, Corporate And Special Event Installations, Sympathy Tributes And, Of Course, Our Wedding Design Services.



"Why VineLily? The amazing Vine and its ability to wrap, adhere and curl into the heavens is how we envision our flowers, artfully dancing in the wind, weaving itself to the height and depth of every human expression. And Lily? Lilies are among my mothers favorite flowers and she is a delightful loving soul—whom I cherish. That’s VineLily! "


Meet Bonita, Owner and Lead Creative Director

I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and come from a family of entertainers, event planners and artists. I hold an advanced degree in Urban Planning and have always been ecologically minded and interested in sustainable environments. With this premise, I strive to operate VineLily with eco-friendly best practices, sourcing flowers from companies of like mind.

Equally important are the social environments that help shape our attitudes about life, hope and the future. For me, flowers are a universal expression of care and have the ability to renew, restore serenity and provide balance when, for whatever reason, mankind is lacking love or simple joy. A vine and its ability to wrap, adhere, and curl into the heavens is how I envision VineLily’s artful floral designs—one that will weave itself to the heights of all aspects of the human expression.

—Love, Joy, Sympathy and even laugh-out-loud Laughter!