High Fashion Florals

If you’ve been following my floral design shares on social media, then you know how much I LOVE unusual and gorgeous flowers mixed with media to add depth and texture to floral presentations.  Flowers are magical in my world and I want to share with you my flower fascination and a few designer insights…flower by flower!

As more clients discover their flower inspiration from Pinterest, floral designers are searching high and low to find what I call, ‘High Fashion Florals.' These coveted specialty flowers are often hard to find, pricey or require extensive conditioning to be a viable option for wedding and event work.  In this series, I hope to share with you some of these flowers and a few insider tips on how floral designers work with them to create your dream wedding.

So let’s begin…

That’s really pretty, what is it?


"A" is for Anemone – this particular variety is called a blue/purple poppy Anemone.  Anemones can be a phototropic flower, bending towards the light, and closing at night.  Designers prepare these flowers no more than 1-2 days before an event as the expected vase life is an average of 5 days with proper care and handling. 

Known for their papery petals and graceful dancing heads, poppy anemones are cultivated in numerous colors and are coveted by upscale floral designers for their light and airy paper like blooms. 

In wedding work these flowers require delicate handling and are even more temperamental in high fashion florals like boutonnieres and floral crowns. Since Anemones only feature one bloom per stem and are fragile under design, most designers order in quantities of 80 to 160 stems to account for blooms that don’t make the cut. So what do they cost?  Well, your professionally designed blooms of 80 stems will cost approximately $390.00 retail but well worth it for the REALLY high fashion impact they can have on a wedding or event, no skimping here!  These stand out blooms would pair wonderfully with White Roses or Dahlias for a stunning bridal bouquet – so be sure to keep them on the top of your list!

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