Sunshine, Rain and Fine Art - Christine!

Who would have ever guessed a weather forecast like this for the month of May.

Sfgate: May 17, 2019

“Parts of California turned into a ‘winter wonderland’ after unusually heavy May Rainstorms”

The heavens opened and gently rained on our couple making for a dreamy photographic moment.  This beautiful shot and the other amazing pictures were captured by photographer, Jordan Katz Media of


So what about the Wedding Flowers?  

Our Bride Christine really surprised us with her style. When we opened her virtual floral board we knew she was someone special.  Her floral inspiration photos were not like any we had seen before--fine art, organic wildflowers in slightly muted tones. Seriously, many of her photos resembled beautiful works of art like what you would find in museums in Paris.  And we LOVE her style!


Fortunately, the rain subsided as the bridal party and guests' were chauffeured to the stunning reception venue at Lake Chalet, Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA 


Congratulations to Jeremy and Christine on a beautiful journey to the altar and a life-time of treasured memories together!

VineLily Moments, LLC

 Creative Team