Thoughts on Sympathy and Funeral Flowers

Choosing How to Comfort the Bereaved


We offer floral recommendations based on what’s appropriate for the occasion—not to gain a new customer or sale. It’s Personal! 

A recent customer wished to send flowers to a neighbor who had lost his father but we had to suggest a more appropriate option to comfort the bereaved family.  In this case, the deceased was a devout Jewish leader and a seven-day period of mourning in the home called the “Sitting Shiva” was underway.  In Jewish tradition, it is not considered respectful to send flowers during this time but rather prepared kosher ready-to-eat food or gift baskets are welcome.

Beautiful flowers have a language all their own and when someone passes over you feel compelled to do something that will lighten the heart of the bereaved.  However, we must be mindful not to offend those with different cultures and religions in our hope to brighten their hearts. So when you contact us, please don’t be surprised if we ask you a few additional questions about your recipient—we’re not trying to meddle but hope to help you make a sound and respectable gifting decision.

Warm Wishes,