Your Wedding Floral Consultation

Things to Think About Before Your  Floral Consultation

As a wedding professional, I try not to forget this may be the very first time a couple is planning a wedding, and what I might consider routine may be completely unknown to them. That’s why we take pride in approaching each wedding as a new experience—a new dream to fulfill, a fresh take on a long beautiful tradition—wedding flowers.

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At the consultation, your florist will want to explore your unique style and really get to know more about the things you and your partner enjoy. So the best way to get the most out of your consultation is to gather a little information ahead of time.  So, let’s talk about what you should know before you meet your florist!

What season/date are you getting married? Your florist will want to know the date of your wedding, specifically for the purpose of determining what flowers are available at that time of year. We also want to confirm that your date is still available for booking. We certainly hope so!

How many people are in your bridal party and what is your estimated guest list? Your florist wants to know approximately how many guests will attend and how many will be in your bridal party. These numbers give an idea of how many tables will be at the reception and how many personal flowers (bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, etc.) will be needed. Also, think about who else you would like to honor with corsages or boutonnieres- moms, dads, grandparents, ushers, hostesses, attendants, flower girl, ring bearer?

What’s your style, color palette, or theme? These things help us to start picturing what you are dreaming about for your beautiful wedding. Pinterest pictures of color palettes and favorite flowers/bouquets are also helpful. Is your theme Romantic, Modern, or Glamorous? Choosing flowers will be much easier with these details in mind.

Where are you getting married? If you’ve selected a place (venue) for your wedding, your florist will want a bit of information about the location to better determine the scale of an appropriate floral design. Do you want aisle flowers, altar arrangements, or centerpieces for the reception tables? How about flowers for the buffet, cake table, or cocktail reception? Is the location in a large hotel ballroom with high Victorian ceilings? Or, on a beach where the wind could cause concern for an arch or backdrop? These little details help your florist plan the appropriate design to scale and safeguard the installation of your wedding florals. You don’t need to know all these things before your consultation, but think about the options and share any pictures you have of what you envision.

Who will be receiving your flowers? The day of your wedding can get quite busy, so we recommend you assign someone to be the point of contact for your florist. The person you assign, sometimes called the wedding coordinator, should know where and when to deliver and place the flowers. For example, does the bridal party have a photo session prior to the ceremony? If so, when and where is this location?

What is your budget? No idea, because you have never planned a wedding? That’s okay but it’s helpful if you have done a little homework before we meet. Your flowers will generally be about 20% of your overall budget. (Venue, dress, photographer, music, food, etc) My advice would be for you to obtain a VineLily bridal agreement, which includes full access to our design team, site-visit partnering with the venue, floral design planning with an interactive vision board, and day-of floral services.

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