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You asked and we delivered!  Our City Style Wedding Package is perfect for the downtown City Hall ceremony.  I visit San Francisco City Hall everyday and see countless couples obtaining their marriage licenses and really what they want are a few special floral adornments for their ceremony. After months of receiving your inquiries to do so, I think you'll love this package and the custom services that come with it. Congratulations!  We are here to help you plan and celebrate!  

Some restrictions apply so please call for details. 

Now Booking Brides for 2017 and 2018.

Complete the Wedding Questionnaire and reserve your wedding date right away!   We only book two weddings a month so that Brides have our undivided attention leading up to the big day.  


What Should a Bride Budget for Floral Adornments?

Floral pricing for each wedding is a result of an individual evaluation of the Brides theme, location, season, bridal party size, and number of guests as well as the desired floral design components. 

The VineLily minimum for a Bridal Agreement is $1,000, which is usually suitable for a small wedding.  However, the average pricing for weddings of 200 or more guests’ at an exclusive venue is closer to $5,000.  At minimum, we suggest that Brides budget at least 10% of the total wedding cost toward their floral budget. For example, if the total cost of your wedding is $20,000, (dress, venue, photographer, food, music etc.) then your floral budget will be about 10% at $2,000.

Our prices will vary by season and the other aforementioned conditions but the following are commonly requested items with the average cost:

Bridal Bouquet (1) $265

Bridesmaid Bouquet: (1) $98

Boutonniere: (1) $20

Corsage: (1) $45

Ceremony Arrangements: Starting at $265 each.

Table Centerpieces: From small to large ranging from $79 to $500 for extra-large.

Set-up and Delivery: Varies



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